As the people who know me personally know i like tattoos and have nine myself.

My two favourite tattoos though are probably my Darwin Fish.

This was the design i stole for it i believe.

My other has to be the Atheist symbol infused with a kind of darwinian tree of life.

Does anyone have any other ideas for and cool science skeptic or magic tattoos i can have next, my parents have done all of mine maybe i will get some real pics of them when possible. So yeah any ideas would be cool and i am a bit stuck on what to have next. My darwin fish is on my right leg my left leg has the Stay puft marshmallow man on.

My right wrist has the Atheist symbol on while my left wrist has a symbol on for my love of music which is a treble clef and a bass clef. I think this one was the design i used for it.

I am pretty useless putting pictures in i think so sorry about the bad looking posts.

Here is a link to my music tattoo when i first had it done. Pow

I’ll get better i promise.


2 responses to “Tattoos

  1. Hello!

    I was hoping to contact you to ask you if I could have the information for your tattoo. I love the design and want to use it as my favicon on my website. Let me know if you would mine me ‘taking it off your wrist’.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Hey there i don’t mind did you want the original pic of the tattoo or the actual picture of my tattoo?

    If you could get back to me via email i would be grateful as then i can just send you one with the correct picture.


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