Oh dear, here comes the stupid.

Right just skimming through youtube whilst searching Penn and Teller and what i found was disgusting. A set of videos proclaiming Penn and Teller ‘Pharmawhores’, oh dear how stupid. I pretty much don’t know what to say about this i think its horrible and makes me pretty angry at the moment.

But they also say Aids, Lime disease and Ebola are government biological weapons which is very laughable. They are also anti-vaxxers, so basically they are scum in my mind trying to spread misinformation and harming people in the long run which is abhorent.

These people obviously aren’t believers in reality and are just feeding each other information and these people have done a ‘counter-sting’ on Penn and Tellers Bullshit which is a program i have watched all the way through and have seen the information backing up all the things within the episodes.

I am listening to one video whilst writing this and they are also 9/11 truthers and think ‘Goldman and Sachs’ and the Rockefeller group are involved. One guy just said how he liked how they connected the dots within all this and well yeah if you are looking into anything you can connect things up its easy to find coincidences or things similar. Sorry if this just seems jumbled its just that the video is feeding my rage.

They basically after blame illegal war and the collapse of the economy and 9/11 on Las Vegas or well Palacial buildings in Las Vegas.

This is the first i have heard of this so hopefully some of you few who read this have a look and spread this around to educate these people. Who obviously won’t be swayed right now as they seem to be full on believers.

I may write more when i have more time and when i have watched the full set of videos.

In the meantime i will post the links to their various websites.



This is the first of many videos, so check them out and comment here and tell me about it please, i would be happy to hear your comments.


P.S I will post more later. Sorry for the jumbledness again too.

Btw if its just old news let me know, i’ll feel stupid but hopefully the anger will subside.


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