Mastodon = Awesome

I should have done something about this band sooner. I have been listening to one album for a while nearly none stop.

Crack the Skye by Mastodon of course. It is amazing the arrangements are complex and bits remind me of some 70’s Progressive rock bands which for me is the best. Every band member has a singing part and the weird ambient harmonies interlaced with the beautiful guitar parts are just mind blowing. The drummer is one of the best i have heard in a while probably since the last i heard to Bill Bruford or maybe Gavin Harrison but the difference is that this drummer sings also.

I find this album is really helping me get back into music after spending so much time learning about all science and skepticism and of course magic. But i will carry on with these things of course but now this album makes me want to listen to more music. I just thought i’d share this awesome band.

I’ll shall put the first music video single of this album up at the end of this sloppy post.

If you like metal or Progressive Rock i believe you will get enjoyment from this band and this latest album is their finest work yet. If you listened to previous albums and then compared them all you can almost tell what they have been listening to indiviually. Such as i can pick out King Crimson aspects to the songs as well as Yes and many others.

Anyway weird ranting review over. Enjoy, I love this song.


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