X-ray eyes.

I watched Derren Brown investigates the men with the x-ray eyes last night. It was really interesting and funny, i enjoyed watching the people trying to shoot the energy out of their eyes although i found it equally if not more sad especially in the case of the boy with cerebral palsy. I found the program to show how exploitative these people are of vulnerable people.

It would be cool if this ‘Bronnikov method’ worked and we could gain these super powers but the evidence is severely lacking and it is very doubtful and most magicians could probably replicate many of the effects they were using.

i tried explaining it to my dad this morning and basically he said its a load of shit. So yeah that is what common sense would make of it.

Here is the video from youtube for you guys to watch if you haven’t already.


4 responses to “X-ray eyes.

  1. lol I like how defensive they get when they’re backed up against a wall. The medium on the least show did the same thing.

    I think I’m back in mansfield next week.

  2. Yeh course mate, you can show me your magic tricks :p

  3. The problem of similar shows not to see detailed work of a technique, effect from each exercise, responses of people after each exercise. The problem of such shows to create scandal, to raise a rating.

    For 20 years of application of a technique, hundred thousand people were trained on different steps. Here again the main thing to understand that neither a method, nor the instructor, Bronnikov – whom does not treat, gives to nobody of any abilities!

    Only the person, knowing technics, can teach itself to various skills and abilities. On employment there is a training correctly to carry out exercises, the safety precautions studying, what exercise on what influences also what function of an organism develops, answers of the instructor to questions. People pay for it on courses. Each person is unique, exercises for everyone influence individually. At whom one exercises, at someone others is easier turn out.

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