The gig last night was awesome. Some really cool bands i haven’t seen before and of course Dirty Beard played amazing.

The first band ‘King Kananga’ were like a punk band but they didn’t play just punk riffs all the way through they split their songs up really well so they would have like reggae style and metal and it just blended really well. I enjoyed these more than i though i would. They were very different especially comparatively to the other bands from my point of view.

The second band was ‘Engines Of Armageddon’ i didn’t know what to think of these guys as technically they were supreme but the songs seemed to last ages as the singer was the drummer and therefore they had no real frontman and the guitarist and bassist were kinda boring on stage. The songs were cool and everything, sounding like a cross between Spiritual beggars and Electric Wizard but the lyrical content i didn’t agree with. It seemed whoever wrote the songs was a conspiracy nut.

The third band was ‘Mae’s Lost Empire’ now i have seen these guys before normally i’m not that bothered but yesterday something seemed to click inside of me and i understood their music. It is insane these guys really do scare me with their technique and song writing abilities. They also wield an Eight string guitar and a seven string bass. Awesome. I can’t really describe their music, it is just mad kind of like ‘Sikth’ but way cooler.

The fourth band was ‘Dirty Beard’ so i rushed to the front with a couple of other guys and was treated to an awesome show. Every song was awesome and thought about and played well including a couple of new songs and an old song they don’t usually perform. They played nine songs and then a tenth because the crowd shouted for more then a friend of mine seemingly smashed a glass (plastic cup that looked like glass) on his face to prove a point. I don’t know what the point was but it worked and so they played the ‘Burning Blues’ in which they asked me to join them on stage with a few choice others. But i declined. What an idiot! So i was at the front singing along with the others. It ws a great night for music and i got a free CD and a special one at that with a bonus track. Awesome.

This video of Dirty Beard is from last year and it is with an old line-up the drummer from this video is now the guitarist and from that they have a new drummer.


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