Yesterday night i went along to an MCW training session to take a look at the place that the sessions take place and generally have a play. There was a guy we took with with called ‘Scott’ and he wants to be a wrestler so i thought, yeah lets take him along to fulfill his dreams or whatever.

We were trained by Simon (Knightmare) basically we were doing bumps, rolls and getting used to the ropes. We were also both splashed on by Simon, which was kind of weird as it was scary seeing him coming down but the breeze it gave was awesome combatting the humidty of the room. It was a lot of fun but its not something i would really do. I appreciate the acting and the whole sort of dance of it all but its not my cup of tea. I am sure Scott enjoyed it and wants to do more but i think i shall stick to doing magic thanks.

Speaking of magic i have bought a new book the other day which is ‘Joshua Jay’s Magic Complete Course’ and it is awesome as there is a DVD with it and he shows you the angles of things really professionally and the whole thing is put together really well. So if you want to learn anything pick that book up as it is awesome. Right i am back off to practice and probably procrastinate before work.



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