I haven’t done a post in a while i feel i have been a bit busy.

Such as yesterday i went to the Zoo, Twycross zoo to be exact which was awesome, really really fun place. Although it took us getting lost in Burton and then by chance happening to somehow find the right road via my navigational skills (just saying carry on going).
I like how they gather all the animals up so they can stare at the strange humans. I got told off by some moron who works there though all because i waved at a monkey through the mesh in the monkey house. This silly person thought i was touching them, when in fact i wasn’t which made me angry because this person who was probably the same age as me spoke to me as though i was a child. Grrrr.

After the zoo i went to the town mill to watch ‘Dirty Beard’ which finished off an awesome day. There was another band i watched too, they were called ‘China Shop Bull’, they played a strange cross of Ska, Rap and Dance. Very strange but it worked and they were really interesting and made people dance where as i was just analysing the music more than enjoying it. Ah well thats fun for me.

I was surprised yesterday i found out my rate of people viewing this blog had drastically flown upwards which is awesome. Cheers and more of you guys and gals should comment.

I still want a name for my potential podcast project too.



2 responses to “Pow.

  1. What kind of Podcast you thinking of doing?

    Call it… Luke Talks Sense

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