SITP Today.

Ok so today is the day of my going to my first SITP (Skeptics in the pub) and i am so excited. I shall be just killing time before i have to go on the train to Nottingham and then its a case of finding the place called the Navigation which is 6 Wilford Street and it starts at 7.30. The talk is going to be from Hayley Stevens as i have mentioned previously. To attend this meeting i also had to do a shift swap at work which was awkward but on the off-chance the guy who is doing my shift reads this then cheers Grant.

I can’t wait but feel as though if there are any really clever sciencey people i may feel rather intimidated intellectually so i may take a deck of cards or some tricks in case i feel i need to defend and then i can seemingly control the person in a sense. I am taking a friend (Simon; who has told me moaned because i didn’t mentio him by name) also who is into science but hasn’t much of a clue about skepticism apart from what i have told him so that’s going to be interesting in seeing how he responds to the thing. I don’t think he realises how excited i am and that i am going to be taking away ideas from this.

For the Nottingham Skeptics in the pub site click here.

Anyone else going who has read this? Let me know.


2 responses to “SITP Today.

  1. Well I will be going, but thats kind of expected as I organise the thing. 🙂


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