SITP Yesterday.

Awesome. The train was nice, quiet and fast to Nottingham, the place easy to find and the event was just great. Enjoyed it all, even the uncomfortable silence during the beginning when Andy and Hayley found out that Hayleys laptop hadn’t got a VGA port so some nice guy had to pop home to find one with the correct port.

Meanwhile everything seemed really quiet and folk didn’t seem to be making any noise which was weird.
Even when the guy came back with a laptop it wasn’t necessarily used as Hayley pretty much did the talk from memory. The talk was awesome with some really clever stuff saying from Hayley and a few audience members.

The topic was about Paranormal stuff and featured things on EVP, Orbs, Most Haunted and places in which Hayley has gone to and found out that it was basically people trying to scam them and/or places in which other investigators had been and ended up scaring the people in residence and/or didn’t help them whatsoever.

We also spoke about what exactly is a ghost and how orbs appear in pictures which made for good discussion. A guy who is going to do another talk at the Navigation was there too, it was Tony Youens who has been on TV quite a few times and here is a link to his site. Pow!

It was a pity i had to get the train because my friend wanted to go home early, otherwise i would have stopped to chat as Andy (the organiser) seemed like a really friendly guy and generally a welcoming dude.
And of course Hayley was lovely but i was a bit shy at first and was a bit afraid of talking but they were cool.

Hopefully i can get to some more and maybe go to other places such as Leicester or Sheffield Skeptics in the pub. I would also like to get more involved in these type of events or even create my own events more local to me sometime. But we shall see in the future i suppose.

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4 responses to “SITP Yesterday.

  1. Glad to read you enjoyed a SitP. You’re welcome any time at Sheff SitP, we’d love to see you there.

    And Tony Youens is a fantastic speaker and his talks are very funny too.

    • Hey there thanks for reading. Awesome, i might have to see when i can pop up there i hope its easy to find once getting off the bus or train.
      And Tony Youens does seem pretty good he asked a few questions and backed things he said rather well and seemed a pretty cool guy.

  2. Dale Williams

    It will soon be very easy to find us – from July we’re moving to the Showroom bar/cafe which is just opposite the station. Much nearer than where we are now.

  3. Ah yes i see, i have checked the train station and its proximity to the new place you are moving to and yeah thats really close and easyto find.

    I may pop down to Sheffield at some point then and your events seem to be on a monday too which is awesome for me.

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