Linkage and rant.

So i have uploaded my podcast feed and if there is nothing coming up try using the link at the bottom of this post.
Apparently i have one subscriber lol woo and seven people have downloaded it already.

Anyway let me know what you reckon to it and give me any ideas or criticisms.

Also at work yesterday i told a guy i didn’t like football or the world cup and he said this
‘Well mate i think you might have summat up with you youth ya need to be getting yasen dahn ta tdoctors’
Which was lovely i guess, well no it annoyed me because apparently everyone needs to like the same thing now don’t they.

Also a creepy lady came in who comes in nearly everyday to annoy me came in and told me i’m not ready for heaven yet but once i am god will accept me and call me his son. She has this crazy welsh accent and tries talking to everyone including herself and the only person that responds is herself, she also has a bit of a funky beard and looks how you would imagine a fat witch would look like. She must be like eighteen cats worth of crazy.
Which i found rather scary but felt like i couldn’t say anything to counter it as i was working.

So here is my counter to that.
“Alright then you twisted, scary old bag, I believe what you are saying is absolute bollocks and i don’t want you coming round calling me a french monk and gods favourite son, which you have been doing since i had my hair cut and no i don’t believe in your superstitions and religion. So if ya don’t mind can you just fuck right off. Please. And here is your reciept.”

So yeah i wish i could just stand up and rant to her or i don’t know put the same smelly bag she brings everyday and makes me pack. On her disgusting pustule of a head. Arghhhhh.

Rant Over.



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