Weird day.

Hmm yesterday was kind of strange i spent some time in the morning doing all my jobs as usual then later in the afternoon randomly had an accident and now i cannot use my left hand woo.

I had an x-ray and everything and spent about three hours in hospital. The best part was seeing my x ray as i was excited about seeing it. They are fascinating and the way you can see the bones and the little swirls and shapes and everything is a beautiful thing. My wrist is all swollen and its going to bruise the lady doctor said. Before going to the hospital i practically fainted as when i put pressure on it it would make me feel funky and sick.

The doctors were really friendly and down to earth as when i went in to see one she just said. ‘Right what have ya done then?’ It was said really casual it was funny. My arm is also infected too and i have red patches and red lines down one finger which really itch. Oooh and i have medicine for it called ‘Augmentin’.
That is such as a cool name its like i am going to be augmented like become post-human or something, well thats how i wanted to think anyway as i am a bit childish that way.

Then i went for pizza hutt and had pizza (Of course) and then ice cream factory woo. Happy times.

After pizza hutt we went home and then one hour or so later me and my dad went to look at a car which i ended up putting down a deposit for. So i may have a car again finally after over six months of no driving.
Its a T reg fiesta and its red. I like fiesta’s plus its only going to cost £600. So yeah awesome on the road again soon. Which also means i can get my singing voice back from driving and singing which has got to be one of the best things to do ever i have missed that part of not having a car the most.


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