Speaking out.

For this post i had an idea what i want to say bit don’t really know how to express it i guess.

Basically at work it makes me sad how i have to to be really fake and sound really happy and smile all the time for a couple of reasons, such as i don’t like not being me and smiling fakely for too long makes my face seem to cramp up. I’m used to not smiling, i smile in a different way.

Also another thing that bugs me is how i can’t really say when people are buying a product that they shouldn’t get it. For example a person buys some ‘Kalms’ or ‘HeadOn’ Or stuff like echinacea or other herbal products that within my knowledge of things i’ve read or listened to (mainly courtesy of Brian Dunning) i can’t say a thing about it. Such as saying:

“Hi i see you have some (input whatever so called medicine with no efficacy in), well i have read a scientific pe

er review jounal/listened to a podcast/found out that, that particual “Medicine” has no such benefit and has no efficacy whatsoever. I think you are probably better leaving it and saving some pennies i think. Maybe go to a doctor to get prescribed something etc”

I find just letting a person buy these kinds of products pretty negligent and ignorant because some people may try

things like this and waste time and money on these sorts of things when there are actual medicines that work.

Full of shit.

Such as i read a sad thing the other day and said on my podcast about a woman from Perth, Australia who had cancer

and some homeopath which she had apparently been seeing a while about other ailments actually said homeopathy will cure it. So that magical clever substance specific memory water can actually cure cancer hmmmm i’m sure. So she went ahead and had some homeopathic remedies instead of the chemotherapy which was offered to her. Thus resulting

in her death which is really sad.
And people still believe this stuff to work even when the great James ‘The Amazing’ Randi has actually done things on stage and things on TV about it not working and then supplying the evidence to back his work up.

I think this is a bad thing and hope one day that all the misinformation about certain products comes to an end and hopefully more truthful information gets more mainstream and people start to realise who the charlatans are.

I have two links for this one is more in depth than the other. These links are for the story about the Australian lady.

I think i may at some point create a new page with all things about such fakery on. To educate my friends mainly who mainly seem not to know about such things and i know some of them for instance believe in real magic and even potions and alternative medicines working and other folk i know who believe most conspiracy theories. I feel like i can help with providing some decent information and evidence to back it up and so i may just do that.



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