Teeth and Zombies.

There was a film that came out a while ago called ‘Teeth’ and i found an article which reminded me of that early, it is about this myth about something called ‘Vagina Dentata’, you can probably guess what that means and this article i found made me chuckle. It is being hailed as the new mace or chastity belt, it is basically to stop rape in a way. Although its not because it rape has to begin for this to be effective. Basically it is a womens condom with teeth which hook on and have to be removed by a doctor if something gets inserted into it. So yeah take a look at the site i found it on Here!.

Quoted from the site ‘Once the device attaches itself, a doctor has to remove it, hopefully coinciding with an arrest. The article states that the doctor wanted to distribute up to 30,000 free devices at the World Cup, and has previously sold them for $2.’

Another article i found on that same site is a list of diseases which make people seem like Zombies.The list has about 5 diseases and not all of them sound as though they would make aa zombie like person but would show a few symptoms. Finding someone with all 5 on the list would probably look the most zombie-ish. But yeah i don’t know what to say really on here about this. It just interests me because i like zombies really.
This is the article Pow!

Best t shirt ever (i have this one)

Ooh this is another interesting article about trying to make lifespans longer through a drug that has been tested upon roundworms and the effects the drug had upon these roundworms was thirty per cent increase in lifespan but the only drawback is that for it to have an effect the subject would have to be still fertile.
I wouldn’t mind some. Here is the site Boom!


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