I Love Amazon

How efficient and just awesome are Amazon. I ordered a new laptop charger because of my incident as described in my last post and yeah, a new came straight on through the little mail flap this morning which is amazing.

So speedy. Also it was really cheap, the charger was about £11 so i’m happy with that, it beats the £50 charger i saw in PC world.

Anyway yeah that means i am back to my blogging. Yay.

Hopefully later i may get episode two of the Skeptic Podcast Of Doom up on Itunes. Recording soon with Rich, which will be awesome hopefully i get my stuff together and i make it a good one. Well better than the last anyway.

Apparently i sound quite common and northern which amuses me but then again…. i suppose i very nearly am in a way.

Yeah if you want anything mentioning on my podcast let me know on here and i will pop it on.

Anything at all, Advertisements, Random Sillyness, Trash Talk. Just go For it.


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