Doomsday Ark

That name is just awesome and obviously points to something interesting.

Well on my way across the internet finding something to blog about i found this article about how some plans being drawn up by the European Space Agency are being discussed to be put into motion.

The plans are for the ‘Doomsday Ark’ as you probably guessed from the title. What i gather from this article is that this ark will be a collection of information and maybe some natural evidence of our civilisation and our planet and plenty of history. The basic version would just be sort of like a collection of hard drives containing information on DNA sequencing and sequences and things such as Metal Smelting and planting crops. ( This makes me wonder if anyone who found this used these hard drives why would they need to know how to smelt or plant crops when they at least have the technology to get to this info. Huh?!)

The ark would be buried on the moon just under the surface and another thing i just read on their is that the European Space Agency are going to experiment trying to grow tulips on the moon….


But using an enclosed artifical environment of course along with algae to help make with the photosynthesis for the plant to survive. They chose tulips because they can be frozen and planted again with little nourishment. This will probably help to eventually try and sustain an ecosystem of sorts up there to possibly help with any natural evidence or specimens in the data vault.

The vault will be maintained by robots and also helped along by scientists on earth through radio transmissions.

The European Space Agency say they hope to have a manned station on the moon by the end of the century.

The vault though will be solar powered and the first should be on the moon by 2020 with a lifespan of 30 years and then the full archive will be launched is perhaps 2035.

It just seems to remind me of the film ‘Moon’ if you haven’t seen it yet go buy it, it should be nice and cheap now plus its a great film. Go and watch it.

Here is a Link to the article.

Now i seem to be imagining the moon overrun by tulips and the moon one day being multi coloured.

What would they call moon tulips if they were sold back on earth hmmm, Moolips, Toonlips, Moonlips, Toops, hmmm……


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