Ignorance and Thursday

Today made me realise how ignorant people can be when in a supermarket. I was supervising the self service checkouts and one machine ran out of cash to give as change and i can’t change the cash cassette until tommorow and had to put up a sign which said something along the lines of Card Payments Only.

And at least 20 still tried to put cash in the machine the signs which i put up were also across the change and cash in ports and along the top of the screen and for some reason the people using it either chose to ignore it and hope it still took change even when there were other checkouts totally free or just were totally oblivious even though the signs were the size of A4 paper. The ignorance then seems to carry on when people don’t follow instructions given or on a screen and think that the machine is wrong when clearly it is a case of user error.

Some people do pretty well so i am not claiming everyone ignorant just a choice few which always slow me down at the worst time. What made it seem worse was that the foreign pepole who visit actually follow English instructions better than English people.

Oooh and thursday i went to watch Dirty Beard who played an awesome set and the crowd were getting involved with some singalongs and everything was cool the other bands playing were Aonia and Scarlets Wake. I didn’t catch much of Aonia as they weren’t my cup of juice to be honest, but Scarlets Wake were pretty cool the music wasn’t my sort of stuff but they played really well and topped off with some good stage presence and an awesome vocalist.

But of course it was the Beard that ruled the night playing about 8 songs or so and winning over the crowd which made for a fun night. After the gig i also did a couple of tricks for a few people as i was bored outside and a few people have checked out my blog and i had to explain how magic and skepticism go together. Which was really fun and i think i may have enlightened these few people to skepticism and approaching things from a more scientific approach. The tricks were pretty simple i did a card trick in which i made an audience member seem to do the actually trick and i also did a Derren Brown styled trick by trying to “read someones mind” and figure out basically what they are thinking of.


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