A good month.

I feel this month has gone quite well as i found out the day before yesterday that i have lost one stone within a month of trying to stop eating as much fatty foods and trying to exercise a bit more. So i have gone from 15 stone 1 to 14 stone 1. Which for a months work is awesome.

Also i think this month has been a good one because i have started my podcast which i am still trying to refine and get better but that will come with time a practice i believe. Also my blog has now gotten over a 1000 views which i am happy about as well as my two episodes of my podcast having nearly 600 downloads which i know of which is awesome. But still i will be trying to get the podcast better and i will get it sorted and more organized and try for maybe one episode a week. Also i hope to have a theme tune sorted for it soon as soon as we can get time to record the theme. From doing the blog and podcast i feel my confidence growing which is always a good thing.

A good month indeed.


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