Episode Three Recorded

Episode three is now recorded and now i have to wait until my soundcard on my laptop wants to work. Hopefully it works soon i want it up ready and up tonight. May have to watch some tv to pass the time maybe its time to watch some ‘Takeshi’s Castle’.

Anyway todays cast was mainly about homeopathy, mainly i did this for those who aren’t as knowledgable as others in this subject and so it made for some good talking.
The theme tune is not yet sorted but the people who are creating it are going to be going to work it out tommorow i hope. I am not in a rush so much but i wouldn’t mind it being finished as then my podcast seems like more of a whole product then.
My speaking is also improving a bit but still have a lot of accent to cut out. Plus with it being hay fever season i sniff alot and it can be a pain editing all the little sniffles out.

I am going to do another alternative medicine practice next podcast so if anyone wants to suggest one then go for it… I am willing to learn.

I still want a co-host too but i have yet to ask the person i want to do it out of the fear of feeling stupid and putting another person in the studio (which is a friends room). We shall see and if i can’t get that person then if you are up for it i may have you as a co-host either at the recording place i am at now if the people who live there don’t mind or i may have to get a time slot at a recording studio i used to work at, which may be easier than getting someone else in my friends house if he isn’t comfortable plus i wouldn’t just want to assume he would be alright with another person he doesn’t know. I wouldn’t mind someone to banter with and share ideas with though….

Hmmm we shall see….

Anyway any questions or suggestions are welcome…


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