Yesterday, Today and Podcast

Yesterday i went down to Derby with a few friends. It was my first visit there and it seemed alright enough apart from a few things.

No place had any 100% cotton thread which was lame.

I saw a guy from ‘Most Haunted’ and an advertisement for a “Ghost Walk” he was doing in a pub next to the centre.

And one of the weirdest things i have seen which was people in a shop sat on benches with their feet in fish tanks…..

Yeah thats weird enough right but apparently these fish eat dead and rotting skin off your feet and generally swim around them. So yeah that was weird but not the thing that annoyed me about it. What annoyed me was when i read a sign on the window which said these fish help to relieve pain, stress and promote healing through the fishes use of accupuncture points… this was when i turned round and together with a friend we both exclaimed “Pseudoscience!” which a few people heard and yeah i just wanted to tell the people half of what they had read seems a bit unfounded as far as i know.

Anyway the place was called ‘Appy Feet’. This is the link. Pow!

Take a look and tell me what you think or ya know just talk a look and decide for yourselves whether this is bullshit or what.

I met with an old friend and had my first ‘Nando’s’ experience which was awesome i had the sauce from the black bottle apparently my friends thought it might be too hot for me but i love to prove people wrong and so i did i covered most of my food and loved it although it could have been spicier. I did a few tricks whilst in there i did a few card tricks and some tricks to do with how to hide things and not get caught or to double bluff where you hide a coin in one hand. It was all fun and shown them a bit of psychology in practice as it were by doing said tricks. I was happy when they said i should start to put on shows. Made me smile.

All i replied with was i have a waistcoat on the way…

One of my friends Luke Kondor also had a stand up gig in Birmingham so hopefully that went all well. If you get a chance go and watch him.

Also i told my good friend Rich he did well when i person recently told him to try going to a chiropractors for his back and then we ended up doing my podcast primarily on Chiropractic which was a lot of fun and we may go to one for a free screening to check it out first hand.

The podcast should be up later tonight once i have edited it i haven’t had the time due to being at work. The podcast wasn’t our best work due to us being tired from walking and being out in the rain for what seemed like a couple of miles outside of Derby centre. We even had to buy new clothes due to being soaked which made a few folks chuckle. So that is all about yesterday.

So i have one thing to say about today which is i felt sad because i helped an old-ish lady through the checkout today and she said not to pack heavily because she was in agony and because i wanted to make conversation to help with the awkward silence-ness so i asked what have you done. To which she replied i have cancer… at this point i could have cried i felt horrible and the lady said it in a really hushed tone and didn’t feel comfortable. So like a complete douchebag i tried to lighten the mood talking about my Grandad who had his leg amputated because of cancer and who never wanted to wear his false leg which she chuckled about which was nice and basically i got her laughing and talking about it. Then she broke into smiling whilst saying bye. I felt a mixture of relief, horror and just sadness. I just wanted to hide after that person. Glad she smiled though…

Thanks for reading. There will be a post once the podcast is up.


2 responses to “Yesterday, Today and Podcast

  1. lol nice awkward situation you got yourself into there.

    Found out my housemate went to Appy Feet, she said it was nice 🙂

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