Something to look forward to

So today i downloaded the Geologic Podcast which if you haven’t heard just go find it now it is the worlds best podcast with music, comedy, interesting bits of info and whatever else he thinks of. Amazing.

Anyway i was listening and found out that Geo, Mr George Hrab himself is hosting something called ‘QED’ which stands for Question Explore Discover and is a skeptical science festival which is going to be held on the 5th and 6th of February in Manchester. Jointly run by members of the Merseyside Skeptics Society and Greater Manchester Skeptics Society. It will also be the stage for the new stunt for the 10:23 campaign.

Anyway here is the link Boom!

Who is going? I want to go. I have even got work booked off which is weird as i booked that week off about 4 months ago. So i am pleased that my random holiday booking has worked in my favour. Yay.

So yeah this is something to look forward to and if any folk from Mansfield are interested in going we could get a mini bus or i can overcome my fear of driving far. Really far, far far far away…. i have Far by Geo in my head.

So let me know if you are wanting to go and maybe i could go with you or vice versa.

And to any people who actually have listened to my podcast i will be back on it next week i have been insanely busy with various things but hopefully all should be well next week and maybe i will have my theme completed and maybe a guest host of some sort or even a co-host. Well we’ll see…


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