Town Mill

The town mill is/was the best place for local bands and upcoming music and now it seems it is now time for the place to close.

I stopped drinking a few years ago so i’m not bothered about the beer side of it all but i went for the bands, the atmosphere, the friends, a place to get a away from the other places inhabited by narrow minded folks and for memories.

Such memories as playing there with a couple of different bands, singing along to friends bands and watching new guys who i’d never heard of before.

When i heard that the mill was closing i thought, ‘what about all the bands and the guys who run the place and live there’. What is going to happen to those. The people who ran the place have been lovely and kind to everyone for so long and they have been tolerant and giving and now we can give back. There is going to be a gig on sunday and its supposed to either help keep the place running and/or to give Mr Kev and his family and maybe the staff some money. I say don’t just give it to keep the place running, give your money to say thanks to him and the staff for all the times you wanted to get away from the world or watch a few bands whilst having a drink with your friends. Think of your life without the mill, maybe your friends would be different, maybe your life would be different. So just think before you give.

Here are a couple of links
Gig event – Pow
Town Mill Website –

There are many videos of gigs at the town mill on youtube.
Here is 8 seconds of my old band playing there. Short and funny.

Thanks for reading, hope some of you guys can make it on sunday.


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