Back to the blog

Back again…


Hopefully now i can get back to blogging regularly again. I am now better so no more feeling ill and coughing up blood etc so woo but i haven’t sorted my laptop but its no big deal as i can use my parents computer and the money which i would’ve used to fix my laptop is now going on a holiday i have been looking forward to in a long long time ever since i first saw Penn and Teller on my screen.


So yeah i am going to Vegas, and i can’t wait hopefully May or September either way i am going. I even have a pack of cards to give to Penn in case i meet him they are a pack of cards i know he collects too.


Hopefully my blogging will be back regular and now i have more time as i have switched jobs and only work 3 days a week which is awesome and gives me loads of free time to go to SITP’s and just do what i want….Finally.


Sorry about the big wait and maybe the podcast will be sorted again soon.


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