So i said i’d blog more often and i haven’t, that is until now.


I found the blogging inspiration today when looking through Ramblings of a 40 something which is found on my links section. Basically i saw how much he has been blogging and it is nearing every other day or so.


So i want to ramble on about my stuff i have been thinking about recently.


Ok here goes… i now work in a petrol station which is awesome and gives me lots of free time for thinking and among these thoughts wandering in and out my brain are these.

I have recently had this urge to want to become a locksmith partially because of my interest in escapology and security. This job would be ideal because i can get to know locks and hopefully i could do that now and then for some cash and then also put on a show which would involve magic and escapology. This would be my perfect scenario recently and i want to try and find a decent but reasonably cheap way  of doing this, because as you may have guessed being a part time petrol station attendant you don’t get big money.


With all the free time then i could continue with my personal learning of things that interest me such as paleontology, physics, astronomy and many other sciences and of course magic.

I haven’t been practicing magical routines for a while for a few reasons such as i was ill the other month and really didn’t feel up to doing much and having a new job i have to get used to and i also bought DC universe Online (Yes i am a big geek) which just feels addictive. So i should be getting back on this because i would love to make some money from doing something i love.


Also the music side of me is also rearing its head and now i want to sing in a band again,  i wouldn’t mind what sort of music so much as long as its something i’m familiar with. Alien Ant Farm has been playing in my car alot recently along with Bob Dylan and George Hrab. Oh and i have been watching Dirty Beard alot too.


And for those of you who haven’t got me on facebook i should be going to Vegas this year which i am ridiculously excited about. If i type anymore i won’t stop as i have a mental list of everything i wanna do…

I think that is all that is on my mind for now. Its a bit randomly done but thats how i want it.  The blogging will indeed commence this week.


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