About Me

Hi there i am Luke, i am 22 and i am from Mansfield In Nottinghamshire. I am interested in Science, Skepticism and Magic (the sleight of hand stuff not “real magic”) and i am teetotal. I used to be in a few bands and sing also.

Might be starting a podcast sometime if things go to plan and i am also hoping to start doing magic at parties and events soon. I believe i started to get interested in Skepticism after watching Penn and Teller from that i started to listen to Penn Radio which then got be getting into podcasts such as SGU, Skepticality, Skeptoid etc. I think from these podcasts and my willingness and determination to learn more i have become quite adept at arguing the case of science and fact, which is always quite fun.

Ok so i made a podcast called the Skeptic Podcast Of Doom.

My favourite podcast has to be the Geologic Podcast with George Hrab, his musical brain coupled with his science talk always makes for interesting entertainment. More people should listen to this show so here is a link. http://www.geologicpodcast.com/

I also enjoy listening to the Itricks magic review podcasts hosted by Justin Robert Young and he also has other which he co-hosts called Weird things and NSFW. These must also be listened to if you like magic talk with a generous helping of stupidity.

Also there are a few English Podcasts i admire such as Righteous Indignation and Little Atoms. Good stuff.

There are so many podcasts with so little time to listen to them.

I have a routine of checking websites everyday such as:

www.randi.org – For all things to do with Skepticism and Science

www.itricks.com – For the best magic news and reviews

www.magicweek.co.uk – For magic news in England.

Some blogs which i enjoy reading:

http://ratherfriendlyskeptic.wordpress.com/ Hayley Stevens from Righteous Indignation Podcast.

http://elkondor.wordpress.com/ Luke Kondor who does a Radio show and and is a Comedian and all round nutcase.

http://richardwiseman.wordpress.com/ Richard Wiseman, you should know who this guy is if you don’t just take a look,

These are the main sites i go on. An awesome group of resources if you are interested in those things.

Ooh check out this band that are from my area.

www.myspace.com/dirtybeardrocks  or   http://www.purevolume.com/DirtyBeard

Bluesy Groovy Rocky Jazzy ish stuff really cool.

One of my friends also does Pro-Wrestling so here is a plug for him and MCW Wrestling.  http://www.mcw-wrestling.co.uk

Here is my youtube channel created today! http://www.youtube.com/user/MrLhymas

This is my facebook profile too. http://www.facebook.com/luke.hymas

Twitter anyone? http://twitter.com/LukeHymas

I will put more on here when i get more time.

Ok then since putting this page up i have made a podcast.
The Skeptic Podcast Of Doom. Link!


4 responses to “About Me

  1. very enjoyable.keep it up.all the best Tony sadar

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