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Ali Cook Tonight

Tonight me and a few others are going to Nottingham to watch Ali Cook.
The name might ring a bell because he was one of the first guys on Penn & Tellers’ Itv show Fool us. Ya know the guy who swapped the head of a duck and chicken, which was awesome!
He also used to have a show on tv with Pete Firman called ‘Monkey Magic’.

The show tonight is only £4, so to miss this would be just foolish and it is at the Canalhouse. More people should come to this one, i’m looking forward to this. Its less than five minutes from a train station too.


Too funny not to post

I just checked a few random web sites and found a funny article. I have no idea if it is true i kind of doubt it but then again it doesn’t supply much evidence for it but it is just too funny not to post.

The article is about the taliban apparently training monkeys for Jihad….. Can you imagine it. I can.

I can’t type much more i would dilute the funny of the post if i did.

So here is the Link