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Recommendation 2 Fringe

One of the greatest series ever… Yeah i think so.

Basically the show is about investigating the weird. The show is a little strange and that is my sort of thing. The main characters we have are Olivia Dunham (FBI Detective), Peter Bishop (Jack of all trades smart guy), Walter Bishop (The man! Practically the archetypal mad scientist) and i have to include Astrid Farnsworth (Assistant to Olivia).

The acting in the show is amazing, i especially love how John Noble portrays Walter, a few of my friends call me Walter now and then and that is fine even if Walter is kind of crazy to most folks and displays many autistic traits but then again i can relate.

Its hard to describe the show up to where is have seen it because i don’t want to give anything away.
Basically any sort of Fringe science in the series is possible unlike in real life, the series has a lot of twists and turns and things to remember from past episodes.

Hmm i’ll find a more professional synopsis to help me describe.

Gathered from wikipedia…

‘Fringe is an American science fiction television series created by J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. The series follows a Federal Bureau of Investigation “Fringe Division” team based in Boston, Massachusetts under the supervision of Homeland Security. The team uses unorthodox “fringe” science
and FBI investigative techniques to investigate a series of
unexplained, often ghastly occurrences, which are related to mysteries
surrounding a parallel universe. The show has been described as a hybrid of The X-Files, Altered States and The Twilight Zone.’

Alot more professional than me.

I think anyone who enjoys a bit of science and who can appreciate the imagination and thought put into things that could not be possible would enjoy this. To Walter nothing is impossible.

Oh and if you like quotes from tv shows this one is packed full such as on the first episode you get this delightful number.

You just can’t not love Walter.

Go and watch now.


New Book By Penn Jillette

Buy me this…

I believe this book is that right buy for me. Firstly its by Penn Jillette. Secondly its about Atheism and religion.
Thirdly its by Penn Jillette. There is also an audio version.
Apparently it features Penn commandments which should be hilarious i’m sure.

For anyone interested in stuff like this go and follow Penn’s vblog thing on youtube. Penn Point

Also go and buy Sock which is also written by Penn.

New Project?


I can’t seem to stick to what i set out for myself to do. Am i bored of the blogging, am i slowing down due to brain function, have i no time on my hands or is it all of the above. Hmmm.

Anyway just typing to ask what any of you reckon to me fashioning some sort of website out of the spare internets lying around.
I was thinking some kind of weird things style website, based around people beliefs of strange animals or goings on, phoney magic tricks done with cameras which may be physically impossible and cryptozoology.

If i did this new site what should i call it has anyone any ideas. I could make it into a sort of blogging community website too which would be nice and that way maybe there will be a stream of content instead of bits and bobs.

So one name i was thinking was ‘Aint no such thing’ because it sounds funny and kind of says what most of the content may be.

Oooh and if anyone could give me a hand with stuff i’d be very appreciative. Let me know…



Today is the birthday of Ehrich Weiss or as many would know him Harry Houdini.

Because of this google has changed their doodle to that of Houdini.

So i will just post lots of videos of Houdini and Houdini inspired things.
Not much writing but lots of video. Plenty of Houdini, Penn and Teller and The Amazing Randi.

Get watching.

Hope you enjoyed these videos.

Heavy metal or no metal at all

Had to click on a link earlier which read ‘Heavy Metal not just music its a religion’. It made me think of Manowar, who are awesome and this is precisely how they think. They believe Heavy metal is a way of a life and much more than music and it seems some people are going along with it now. I love some metal but this was just funny.

Just saw this on metal hammer along with another article.

The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father,
Who art in metal,
Lemmy be thy name,

Thy hairs be spun,
Moshpits to come,
At Hammerfest as it was in Wales,

Give us this day our daily death metal,
And forgive us our bodyslams,
As we forgive those who bodyslam against us,

And lead us not into Christianity,
But deliver us from Cliff Richard,
For thine is Metallica, Megadeth and Gojira,

Slayer forever,

The article i looked at on there was

Take a look at the guardians article on it. Praise Halford!

Also i didn’t realise Sikhs were a race and not just a religious people.

I see this all as good fun and i’m not too bothered. But would rather have more people be honest. That way it would show the government the religious majority or maybe the non- religious majority. Hmmm.

Go and listen to Manowar. Metal!


So i said i’d blog more often and i haven’t, that is until now.


I found the blogging inspiration today when looking through Ramblings of a 40 something which is found on my links section. Basically i saw how much he has been blogging and it is nearing every other day or so.


So i want to ramble on about my stuff i have been thinking about recently.


Ok here goes… i now work in a petrol station which is awesome and gives me lots of free time for thinking and among these thoughts wandering in and out my brain are these.

I have recently had this urge to want to become a locksmith partially because of my interest in escapology and security. This job would be ideal because i can get to know locks and hopefully i could do that now and then for some cash and then also put on a show which would involve magic and escapology. This would be my perfect scenario recently and i want to try and find a decent but reasonably cheap way  of doing this, because as you may have guessed being a part time petrol station attendant you don’t get big money.


With all the free time then i could continue with my personal learning of things that interest me such as paleontology, physics, astronomy and many other sciences and of course magic.

I haven’t been practicing magical routines for a while for a few reasons such as i was ill the other month and really didn’t feel up to doing much and having a new job i have to get used to and i also bought DC universe Online (Yes i am a big geek) which just feels addictive. So i should be getting back on this because i would love to make some money from doing something i love.


Also the music side of me is also rearing its head and now i want to sing in a band again,  i wouldn’t mind what sort of music so much as long as its something i’m familiar with. Alien Ant Farm has been playing in my car alot recently along with Bob Dylan and George Hrab. Oh and i have been watching Dirty Beard alot too.


And for those of you who haven’t got me on facebook i should be going to Vegas this year which i am ridiculously excited about. If i type anymore i won’t stop as i have a mental list of everything i wanna do…

I think that is all that is on my mind for now. Its a bit randomly done but thats how i want it.  The blogging will indeed commence this week.

Back to the blog

Back again…


Hopefully now i can get back to blogging regularly again. I am now better so no more feeling ill and coughing up blood etc so woo but i haven’t sorted my laptop but its no big deal as i can use my parents computer and the money which i would’ve used to fix my laptop is now going on a holiday i have been looking forward to in a long long time ever since i first saw Penn and Teller on my screen.


So yeah i am going to Vegas, and i can’t wait hopefully May or September either way i am going. I even have a pack of cards to give to Penn in case i meet him they are a pack of cards i know he collects too.


Hopefully my blogging will be back regular and now i have more time as i have switched jobs and only work 3 days a week which is awesome and gives me loads of free time to go to SITP’s and just do what i want….Finally.


Sorry about the big wait and maybe the podcast will be sorted again soon.