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Lack of motivation/inspiration.

Well i have only just noticed that last post i had done had completely messed up somehow, now i can’t seem to find anything else to post about.

Only thing i can think of is to post a picture of my new tattoo once it is coloured. I have recently had done a tattoo of ‘Occams Razor’, in the style of an old cutthroat razor with simple spirally decorations and Occams name upon it. It is also on the side of my elbow so it bends with it.

Right so i guess its time for me to get sorted for work.

Not so sure why i don’t feel motivated to do much, i keep feeling abit down at the minute but it will pass of course.


Oooh but i keep getting together ideas i can use for a local show…



Prepare to be Rapt?! Rapture Nonsense

So apparently the end of the world is tommorow or starting tommorow. Anyway a prediction made by a Harold Camping is said that tommorow being the 21/5/2011 is the start of end times and thus being the Christian Rapture. Wikipedia for rapture Here.

So basically the rapture is when all the good christians leave their atheist friends and families to perish upon a dying earth. What nice people?!

But Christians never fear for your pets because of a lovely group of Athiests with good intentions have made a service called Eternal Earthbound Pets so that your pets won’t be left alone.
Also there is a service for delivering mail post rapture to any Athiest friends you may have. Post Rapture Post

This from the start seems highly unllikey due to the guy has already predicted this and obviously was WRONG before, me being an Athiest and the whole idea of this being absolutely hilarious. But i am no cynic so we shall see i guess and then he will be proved wrong once more.

I might now go watch “The Knowing” if anyone has seen this it is filled with that Raptur-ific goodness. Although before that i have to pay more towards my Vegas holiday which is in September good job if there was such a thing as a rapture i wouldn’t be taken because its already booked now.

Scary Video

I find this video scary because it seems to be quite serious from the point of view of the creator. Its a Christian lady blaming the recent earthquake on the Atheists of Japan. Really quite scary that people like this exist.

I have been on twitter and tweeted this video a few times.

Thanks to Simon Adams who found this.

Don’t let this ruin your day.

Banner, Header Whatever

Only a short post. So basically i am going to ask who is good at making banners or headers because mine is terrible.

I have no such photoshopping software either so i am really not equipped for this picture making business. I even made that in paint because i have no idea what to do.

Can someone help me please?

If you can let me know and i shall tell you the parameters of said picture.



Came back from work not too long ago and i am so tired my legs feel almost broken from just standing around.

I have wrote a plan for when/if i make my podcast, my plan includes all the sections and a time frame to put everything in but now i just need ideas for a NAME.

Help me?

Comment this if you have any name suggestions, help is appreciated.

I also watched Derren Brown Investigates last night too. My conclusion is Joe Power = Nob.

What a loser, leech and charlatan.

Can’t wait to watch Derren Brown at Nottingham. Hopefully earlier that month i will be going to my first Skeptics in the pub so yeah excited. The SITP will be featuring a talk by none other than Hayley Stevens from ‘Righteous Indignation’.


First Blog and First Post

Hi there blogging world. My name is Luke and i am absolutely new to this so please excuse me if i am slow at this.

My interests include Science, music, skepticism and magic. I will most likely be blogging about these things and most likely about any local annoyances.

So yeah cheers and my next post will be better.