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Ali Cook Tonight

Tonight me and a few others are going to Nottingham to watch Ali Cook.
The name might ring a bell because he was one of the first guys on Penn & Tellers’ Itv show Fool us. Ya know the guy who swapped the head of a duck and chicken, which was awesome!
He also used to have a show on tv with Pete Firman called ‘Monkey Magic’.

The show tonight is only £4, so to miss this would be just foolish and it is at the Canalhouse. More people should come to this one, i’m looking forward to this. Its less than five minutes from a train station too.


Best Yet

Ok so i know this will most likely change but the last podcast session was awesome. Super fun. It may not be the longest episode i have done but to me it was the funniest.

We did a thought experiment which just meandered off into randomness.

But all in all it was fun. Go give it a listen. Episode 5.

This is linked with one of the things i spoke about.


Magic in Nottingham

I was just talking to someone yesterday about seeing Pete Firman and i realised it isn’t long now and i am so excited. He has got to be one of the UK’s top magicians and he is in Nottingham at ‘Just the Tonic’.

I can’t wait here is his site http://www.petefirman.co.uk/ watch his videos and buy his book. I have.

Here are the details for the show i’m going to in October. Details for the show..

Can’t wait.


Right then i think i am gonna find me a decent camera in the next few weeks and i am going to film myself performing some illusions. I believe this will be the best way for me to practice and get decent feedback from. I shall try stuff from geek carny stuff to the suave sophisticated card tricks of others or maybe some Derren Brown-esque Mentalism.

Originally my plan when doing a website for hobby was to have a magic site in which i could learn things myself and teach others for fun if they need any help with any tricks i know. My teaching wouldn’t soley come from my knowledge alone, it would also come from the many books and videos i have.

Hmm lets see whats next for me to learn then. Or i could go through and attempt to put attempts of me doing tricks from my collection of books by various magicians on the blog. Right i’ll get youtube-ing for ideas too then.

Just watch this video, it is Pete Firman who is awesome and i am reading his book at the moment which is great.