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Recommendation 1 – Andrew Mayne

Just a short post, Andrew Mayne has recently started uploading a new podcast audiobook on Itunes.
And this is my recommendation… GET IT and get it now. I haven’t had time to listen yet as it will be some good bedtime listening for me.

But everything Andrew Mayne does is golden, his magic is amzing, his podcasts are exciting and books are riveting. This post might as wel just say ANDREW MAYNE. He has the brains of a science wizard and the skills of a master magician.

Here is a link straight to the podcast.

When the citizens of Boston begin to go missing in the fog in 1890,
it’s up to the mysterious Smith, inventor and adventurer, to figure out
what’s going on with the help of his assistant, April Malone. They’ll
have to face off against a secret society, corrupt policemen and a mad
psychologist hell-bent on dissecting Smith, in order to find out what’s
going on and to save the city from a graver threat.

This 4.5 hour science adventure novella is the first story about Smith, a mixture of Tony Stark, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who.

I might as well just plug the rest of his stuff here too while i’m here.

His own site for his magics – http://www.andrewmayne.com/

Weird things website and podcast for weird stories and strange news from around the world or mainly eastern europe in many cases – http://weirdthings.com/

He is also one of the mayne (see what i did there) guys behind a very good magic news and review site – http://itricks.com/news/

He seems to also be a regular guest on anther podcast too – http://nsfwshow.com/

Also he works with the JREF now and then to help promote skepticism and to help administer tests – http://www.randi.org/site/

I will start doing alot of recommendations on here, due to me reading, listening, watching and playing alot.



Back to the blog

Back again…


Hopefully now i can get back to blogging regularly again. I am now better so no more feeling ill and coughing up blood etc so woo but i haven’t sorted my laptop but its no big deal as i can use my parents computer and the money which i would’ve used to fix my laptop is now going on a holiday i have been looking forward to in a long long time ever since i first saw Penn and Teller on my screen.


So yeah i am going to Vegas, and i can’t wait hopefully May or September either way i am going. I even have a pack of cards to give to Penn in case i meet him they are a pack of cards i know he collects too.


Hopefully my blogging will be back regular and now i have more time as i have switched jobs and only work 3 days a week which is awesome and gives me loads of free time to go to SITP’s and just do what i want….Finally.


Sorry about the big wait and maybe the podcast will be sorted again soon.


So i haven’t posted a while again. This is because i have not found much time for it and because alot of my time is going in to seeing how i can best get my laptop sorted. And i have been mega ill so haven’t been so bothered to come on here and type.

Hopefully i get some more stuff done when this illness passes finally and when i have my laptop sorted. Then i can get podcasting again too, i have more ideas for the Podcast which i want to put into action as it is still an ongoing process. Hopefully it may sound good next month… We’ll see.

Best Yet

Ok so i know this will most likely change but the last podcast session was awesome. Super fun. It may not be the longest episode i have done but to me it was the funniest.

We did a thought experiment which just meandered off into randomness.

But all in all it was fun. Go give it a listen. Episode 5.

This is linked with one of the things i spoke about.


Oh dear…

It seems during todays trying to get my podcast to other podcasting networking sites i broke my RSS feed and now i can’t access the server to where it is hosted to edit it.

Hmmmm its stored on archive.org if anyone knows how to get it working help me please. It says something along the lines of the link is not ‘LIVE’ in the US or has no metadata….?

Hmmm either i fix this thing or its time to find another site to store it on and take it off itunes to just pop it back on in a few days.

Good job i found a half decent podcast host/Networking site.

But any suggestions are cool.


New Podcast

Finally did a new podcast today but i couldn’t do much of one due to my laptop and it being broke. Pity but all i spoke about was QED and a few SITP events that are fairly local.

So woo hopefully it is absorbed into the beast that is Itunes by now.
Might get my ticket after pay day and then it’ll be time to find a suitable place to stay and maybe someone to go with.

Something to look forward to

So today i downloaded the Geologic Podcast which if you haven’t heard just go find it now it is the worlds best podcast with music, comedy, interesting bits of info and whatever else he thinks of. Amazing.

Anyway i was listening and found out that Geo, Mr George Hrab himself is hosting something called ‘QED’ which stands for Question Explore Discover and is a skeptical science festival which is going to be held on the 5th and 6th of February in Manchester. Jointly run by members of the Merseyside Skeptics Society and Greater Manchester Skeptics Society. It will also be the stage for the new stunt for the 10:23 campaign.

Anyway here is the link Boom!

Who is going? I want to go. I have even got work booked off which is weird as i booked that week off about 4 months ago. So i am pleased that my random holiday booking has worked in my favour. Yay.

So yeah this is something to look forward to and if any folk from Mansfield are interested in going we could get a mini bus or i can overcome my fear of driving far. Really far, far far far away…. i have Far by Geo in my head.

So let me know if you are wanting to go and maybe i could go with you or vice versa.

And to any people who actually have listened to my podcast i will be back on it next week i have been insanely busy with various things but hopefully all should be well next week and maybe i will have my theme completed and maybe a guest host of some sort or even a co-host. Well we’ll see…